Chapter 9 : Lab 9.2.4 Creating an Installation Schedule

Step 1: List and prioritize the tasks that require downtime on the current network
List the tasks that require network downtime.
Step 2: Document the required downtime on the project timeline
Sometimes it is not possible to complete all of the required tasks during an approved maintenance window. If an installation task requires the network, or part of the network, to be down during normal business hours, it is important to obtain permission from the customer. As soon as the time frame is determined and approved, all the people involved need to be notified accordingly.
a. List those tasks that can be completed during a scheduled maintenance window.
b. List those tasks that require the network to be down during normal business hours.
Step 3: Document customer approved downtime
a. Indicate on the Installation Plan Timeline when the network downtime will occur.
b. Include a provision for customer approval to be recorded for this downtime.
c. Include a task that requires that the users who will be affected are notified with adequate advance
notice of the network downtime. Ensure that the users are also notified when the network or service
returns to full operation.

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