Chapter 8 : ISP Responsibility

Lab 8.3.1 Interpreting a Service Level Agreement

Step 1: review typical customer needs

Step 2: Analyze a sample SLA and identify key components

a. Read over the sample SLA that follows and answer these questions regarding content, ISP responsibilities, and customer requirements.

b. According to this agreement, can the ISP be held liable for damage to equipment owned by the customer [Client] or data loss that occurs due to accidental actions by ISP vendor staff or other persons? (ya)

c.What are some examples of One Time Services included in the SLA?

(e-mail service, electronic interchange, online accounting, secure remote workerr support, remote indtrumentation and control system, and backup and recovery service)

d. What are some examples of On going Services included in the SLA? E-mail service, online acounting e. When will regular downtime maintenance be scheduled and how many business days notice must the ISP give of any scheduled downtime?

(Banyak jam dalam satu hari dan banyak hari dalam sebulan)

e. What does the ISP’s network monitoring system do when an error condition is detected? What is the stated availability of the Systems Administrators in the event of a system failure? What is “usage monitoring” and how does the ISP provide this service?      (dengan memantau kerja sistem)

f. Regarding problem severity and ISP response time, what is the difference in response between “Level 1 – normal business hours” and “Level 3 – normal business hours”?

(pada level satu baru mendeteksi problem dan pada level 3 sudah ada pengontrolan)

g. On what factors are the penalties for service outages based? Provides an estimate for the cost to the customer for a service outage for each of the services the customer wants covered by an SLA.

Lab 8.4.2 Planning a Backup Solution

step 1: choose the media and backup hardware

Equipment / media
USB and solid-state drives
fireWire drives
CD-RW and DVD+RW/-RW drives
Step 2: design a backup plan and procedure
a.       Describe the equipment recommended and explain why you selected this equipment
(saya memilih media di atas karena lebih ekonomis)
b.      Describe location of the equipment in the network and the network link speeds to the equipment
c.       Describe the backup media to be used and also explain why you selected this media
d.      Describe the backup schedule
e.       Describe the backup and restore procedure, including what kind of backup (Normal, differential, incremental), how it will be tested what kind of maintenance the equipment requires. How tapes will be labeled and where tapes that have been backed up will be stored. When backups need to be restored, what is the procedure for a file a folder a driver (use extra sheets it necessary)

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