CCNA Discovery 2.3

1. Which two benefits can be gained by locating network equipment in a telecommunications closet, rather than in a user area?….. (improved physical security, more resistant to hacker attempts)

2. Which three issues should be noted on the technician’s site survey report?….. (unlabeled cables, only two power outlets per wall in each room, poor physical security of network devices)

3. Which two types of cable are used for initial router configuration?….. (straight-through cable, crossover cable)

4. In addition to the inventory sheet, what other information about the hosts and networking equipment should be documented by the on-site technician while performing the site survey?….. (the memory requirements for installed application software)

5. Refer to the exhibit. What type of device is used to connect two networks?….. (switch)

6. It is said that the goal for availability of a communications system is “five-9s”. What is meant by this?….. (A network needs to be available 99.999% of the time)

7. What three things are included in a logical topology document?….. (the location of cables, computers, and other peripherals, the path that the data takes through a network, the location of routing, network address translation, and firewall filtering)

8. Which device has the ability to break up broadcast and collision domains?….. (router)

9. Why is it important to review the results of an on-site survey report with the customer before beginning the network design?….. (to verify that the report accurately describes the current network and any plans for expansion)

10. A client requires a networking device that is capable of expansion to suit growing network demands. What type of device will suit this requirement?….. ( a networking device with a modular physical configuration)

11. What does the use of redundant network components supply to a network?….. (reliability)

12. What is the benefit for a company to use an ISR router?….. (An ISR provides the functionality of a switch, router, and firewall in one device.

13. Which three items are typically found in an MDF?….. (switches and routers, network equipment racks, the point of presence)

14. What are two advantages of having ISP-managed services?….. (can guarantee up to 99.999% availability, increases availability of help desk services)

15. A manufacturing company is in the process of a network upgrade. Which two statements are true about the phases of the upgrade process?….. (Phase 1 is used to determine network requirements, phase 3 is based on an implementation schedule that allows extra time for unexpected events)

16. When designing a network upgrade, which two tasks should the onsite technician perform?….. (investigate and document the physical layout of the premises, perform a site survey to document the existing network structure)

17. What is the term for the location at the customer premise where the customer network physically connects to the Internet through a telecommunications service provide?….. (backbone area)

18. to the exhibit. Which type of twisted pair cable is used between each device?…..(A=straight, B=straight, C=straight, D=crossover, E=console)

19. In what two ways will entering into a managed service agreement with an ISP for a network upgrade affect the costs that are incurred by the customer?….. (The cost of hardware repairs and support will become the responsibility of the customer, network upgrade and maintenance costs will become predictable)

20. Which type of cable has a solid copper core with several protective layers including PVC, braided wire shielding, and a plastic covering?….. (coaxial)

21. What must be added when a network expands beyond the coverage area of the current telecommunications room?….. (IDF)


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