CCNA Lab Activity 6

Lab 6.2.1 Observing DNS Name Resolution

Step 1: Observe DNS conversion

d. IP address is shown on the screen :

Step 2: Verify DNS operation using the nslookup command


e. Name : , Adreess : , Aliases : , , , ,


Step 3: Identify mail servers using the nslookup command



Lab Activity 6.2.3

Step 1 : Examine FTP from the command prompt

d.  append, ascii, bell

f. to send one file

g. get –> receive one file, send –> send one file, recv –> receive

one file

Step 2 : Use a GUI FTP client or web browser

Lab Activity 6.2.4

Step 3 : Enter POP3 e-mail account information

c. (POP3) mail server

d. (SMTP) mail server


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