Modul 6

1. a physical network address
2. e-mail
3. FTP
5. FTP dan SMTP
6. Application, Network Access, Internet
7. Both TCP and UDP can be used simultaneously to ensure speed and guaranteed delivery
8. DNS server
9. DNS
10. bonus
11. 25
12. SMTP
13. e-mail
14. The packet header identifies it as an HTTP or FTP packet.
15. protocol layering
16. source IP address, source MAC address, destination IP address
17. source and destination IP addresses
18. 4
19. passes data to the application layer
20. add TCP header to data, add Ethernet header and trailer, add an IP header, encode the frame into bits
21. It prevents changes in one layer from affecting other layers.
22. • physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application


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